Passages Into Deformity

by Defeated Sanity

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2013 Willowtip Records.
Includes 9 Audio Tracks and Booklet.

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released February 5, 2013

Konstantin Lühring - Vocals
Christian Kühn - Guitars
Jacob Schmidt - Bass
Lille Gruber - Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio
Produced by Defeated Sanity
Cover art by Toshihiro Egawa



all rights reserved


Defeated Sanity New York, New York

Progressive Brutal Death Metal from Germany, formed in 1994.

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Track Name: Initiation
Bardo of becoming
A state of unrest
Astral body
Beholding lustful impulses
Incestuous selection
A fragile host
Possessed by
The insatiable

Catapulted into another existence
Re-creating the previous shape
Distinctive features regenerating
Mind already saturated by elitism

Endless cycle
Of immortal energy
Taking on
Mortal form
Physically defined
Mentally immature
Blinding its victims
To achieve – dominance

Forged in the flames of limbo
Vile reiterating energies
To dim the utopia of peacefulness
Earthly existence confined in Samsara

Endless cycle
Of immortal energy
Taking on
Mortal form
Physically defined
Mentally immature
Blinding its victims
To gain - control
Track Name: Naraka
Cities oozing out disgust
Claustrophobic state of misanthropy
A source of calamity
Diversity breeds conflict, clashing individuals
Spiritual depravity
Tortured souls enduring the weight of Karma
The presence of evil
Creating a violent compound

Minor grievance, sufficient to provoke aggression
Hatred is boiling, no room for compassion
Kill or be killed

Constant fear of attack
Crushed by the weight of commitment
With human contact
In a purgatory of unavoidable relations

Torrents of stress tampering with the vulnerable psyche
Essentials of existence, lost in confusion
Desperate attempts to numb the pain that’s deep within, within
Pathological need for constant stimulation
Stimulation…..that will replace all natural forms of bliss
Intoxication will only aggravate the immense deformity
Substances providing false joy
Strong physical and mental dependence
Initiating a downward spiral
Innocence forever lost

Love transformed into perversion
Blackness wrapping around what once was pure
Sickening compulsion
Carnal insatiability
Brutalized instinct
Overshadowing all
The impulse to rape their women
And take their land

Bleeding incompetence……. to deal with inevitable dissonance
One’s own inferno…….…… mistrust and bitterness prompting atrocious acts
Track Name: Verblendung
Thrown into this world of filth
Subject to hostility
Temptation lurks the void
(Of) a lacerated soul
Mistrust and disarray
Growing stronger everyday
Destructive ego takes control
As the Viciousness is creeping
into the self-centered mind
Twisted creatures – poisoning,
Inbred habits – disseminate,
Virtues, morality – mortify
A hopeless world consumed with rivalry

Engraved deep inside, a mindset broadly accepted
Maladjusted, small doses of perversion
Vile influences obscuring the path to purity and reason
Animality takes over

Blinded by impurity, a slave to earthly fray
Cannot liberate myself, forever bound to these chains
Condemned to live a life of longing until I die

Developed deep inside, a process perceived as harmless,
Protection of the self, absorbing the majority
Struggling to overcome the ones surrounding you
Yet bonded with your surroundings, a paradox that will poison your life

Brought about
By their
Own hands,
Environment turns into inferno
Track Name: Lusting For Transcendence
Realization of
Intellectual advantage
Urge to rise above all
Drain their life’s blood
Selfish ego flourishes
In an opponent’s defeat
Immersed in elitism

Rivals erased from the face of the earth
Or moulded into useful tools

Profiting from their weakness
Eliminating competition
Ruthlessly gaining authority
Resistance withering
Conviction of complete sublimity
Imprinted into the wicked mind
Scruple buried deep inside

Rejoicing in
Apathy -
A blockade
To prevent oneself
From giving in

A blind being
Unable to escape
From this realm
Of arrogance and jealousy
A latent sting, undefinable
Clouding the joys of existence

Awe and antipathy
Emerging from those conquered
Catapulted into
A state of isolation
Anger replaces grief
Morally desensitized
Absence of compassion

Illusion of happiness
Existence defined by status and prosperity

Profiting from their weakness
Eliminating competition
Ruthlessly gaining authority
Resistance withering
Conviction of complete sublimity
Imprinted into the wicked mind
Scruple buried deep inside
Track Name: The Purging
Cutting throats - a daily routine,
Ripping out testicles – unanesthetized,
Scalded alive - a minor accident,
Panic stricken, twitching headless, drowning in their own shit
Screaming, kicking, crammed together, half dead
Stomping on their heads,
From my actions
Thousands of tortured souls cease to be

My task to satisfy tongues that are poisoned by greed
I take upon me their guilt to indulge themselves in death
Mentally brutalized - a cold facade conceals what’s deep
Within – mercy, compassion, respect for life

Species enslaved, bred to please the superior
Condemned - a short life of servitude
A pile of rancid flesh
Spillover of excruciating pain
Butchered in the name of luxury
Emotionless, I execute my duty
A dull life until fate strikes me down
Grave event - to crush my vitality

Sudden spiritual elevation
Drawn into an unknown state
Panic overtakes me as I
Look upon my physical self

Whirlwind of Karma upon me
As my life rewinds before my eyes
Soaring further into - - - the unreal

Awakening - in a scene of lurid images
Visions - creatures craving to retaliate
Fury - clutches and fangs excoriate my flesh
Agony - forced to feel what I have once inflicted

The unearthly
Unforeseen…. release
From infernal claws tight around me

Returning to reality, purged by netherworldly trial
Regaining consciousness, second life begins

Ethical transformation
Tranquilized by misery
Compassion thoroughly flows within
To cast an altered view on all living beings
Track Name: Verses Of Deformity
Immoral congregation, the ultimate sacrifice
A demented ritual…………

Womb is ripped
A miserable end to pregnancy
Primitive removal of the unborn

My own flesh and blood
Forcibly torn by my hands
To serve a higher cause
Twisted ways of salvation

Dubious use of scriptures
Words are twisted for their depraved intent
Incestuous sex slave
Bred to serve the superior
Consecration of the chosen
Forced into cannibalistic acts
Strength and power increase
Through consumption of
A fresh infant heart
Promises of wealth
Seduction of the weak, moulded into useful tools
Mere minion to carry out their dirty work
Lowest in their hierarchy of sickness……

Repudiating the sovereign
Abundance of hypocrisy
Prompting abstruse counterculture
A cult of self-indulgence
Open mind for abhorrence
Legitimating sadistic acts
A token for spiritual disorder

Verses of deformity

Spectator of lunacy
Struggling to hide my disapproval
Victim and culprit
In this impervious network

Satanic elite
Piercing eyes are upon you
Attempting escape
From this vicious circle

Sworn to secrecy
Inner turmoil never finds release
Immense rage
For decades of injustice

A sacrilegious existence
To end my life
My only option to quit
Track Name: Perspectives
A desolated land
Submerged in distress
Proper breeding ground
For barbarity

Twisted concept of
Ethnic hierarchy
A dormant discord
Is amplified

Propaganda to ignite
Morbid zest for action
Scapegoat is found
Contemptuously thrown to the lions

Unfortunate Incarnation
Misplaced in space and time
Endangered by heritage

Wave of acrimony
Moving towards me
Hopelessly trapped in a corner

Marked to separate
From society
Locked up in claustrophobic quarters

A word filled with shock
Rumours becoming reality

A bitter fate
Enslaved and maltreated
to serve your oppressors

Exhaustion, Malnutrition, Resignation

Physical collapse, hope is shattering
Inefficiency puts your life at stake
From subservient to test subject

Medical advantage through dehumanization
Human Guinea pigs with no chance for survival
Exploring boundaries of sensitivity
Intentionally infected with pathogens
Desexualized with corrosive acids
Injected into the uterus
Subject of lethal vacuum experiments
Merciless withdrawal of blood until veins are dry

Ends your dismal life
Unexpected salvation
Passage into
Total pleasantness
Free of your ravaged body
Transcendent beauty welcomes
To become one with bliss

As the smoke clears
Perpetrators are hunted down
Escaping your punishment
A retreat to distant shores

Natural death
After decades of dormancy
Convictions of
Righteousness taken to your grave
Entering a
Disturbing realm
Controlled by guilt and shame

Infernal images of your deformed victims ripping through your flesh -
Timeless anguish to engulf your disembodied soul
Track Name: Frenzy
Narcotic ingestion
Severs threads of sanity
Momentary impulse
Now eternal prison

Terror consumes as the will to survive begins to rage
Overwhelmed with fear fury is released
Faces now distorted and empty
Sense of being slips as hell takes over

Thermal oblivion hoisted
Unveiling an
Eternal underworld

Letting go of hope
Embrace pain as your new ruler
Escaping the clutches
Of ones own mind is now impossible
Complete mental chaos

Is the only option
With menacing entities
Blurred images race towards

Confusion forcing defense
Striking out viciously to thwart attack
Nails tearing flesh
Gouging at eyes and ripping at neck tissue
Knuckles breaking teeth
Survival is the only lucid thought
Crepitus sounds bones shattering

Running to evade, to no avail
Images continue to engage
Submission is inevitable
Eternal conscious asylum
Submit to insanity
Track Name: Martyrium
Writhing in agony
Facing certain demise
Lying in a pit of severed limbs
Soon to be assimilated by the soil

A pawn to your leaders
Dictated the terms of good and evil
Injected convictions causing you
To fight a conflict that was never yours

Life spent in profane bliss
Aborting all thoughts
Of mortality
A vast punishing blow
Forced to abandon
All that was yours

Solid form
Brutal wounds

Forced into…..moments of contemplation
A shallow mind controlled by panic and despair
Pain induced…..delirium invoking grim hallucinations
Surreal impressions mixing with reality

A pit of despondent beings
Recognizing familiar faces of
Those dismally deceased
Lusting for my presence, selfishly….

Stench of decay
Is sensed

Phantom movement
Disembodied hands dragging me
Into this otherworldly mist
A soundscape of horrific moans,

Imbecility blocking the passage into pleasantness

Magnetism of death
Sanity shattered
Propelled into
the state of
earthly disseverment
reintegration into nothingness

Life fades in
Thoughts decompose
Drawn into uncertainty