Collected Demolition

by Defeated Sanity

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A collection of demos by Defeated Sanity including:
Promo 2000
Promo 2005
Promo 2007

Original release came with Bonus-DVD (included as a video in this download).

Live Clips:

Carnal Deliverance (Mountains Of Death 2009)
Engulfed In Excruciation (Mountains Of Death 2009)
Calculated Barbarity (The Snooty Fox, Wakefield, UK 08/2009)
Butchered Identity (Knaack, Berlin, 08/2006)
Prelude To The Tragedy (Knaack, Berlin, 08/2006)
Remnants Of The Deed (Riedfest, Germany 2003)

Download includes 12 Tracks + Video with 6 llve clips + Cover + Back Cover + inside trey pic


released June 1, 2010

Line Up Promo 2000:

Markus Keller - Vocals
Wolfgang Teske - Guitar
Christian Münzner - Guitar
Tino Köhler - Bass
Lille Gruber - Drums

Line Up all other tracks:

Jens Staschel - Vocals
Wolfgang Teske - Guitar
Christian Kühn - Guitar
Jacob Schmidt - Bass
Lille Gruber - Drums



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Defeated Sanity San Jose, California

Progressive Brutal Death Metal from Germany, formed in 1994.

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Track Name: Salacious Affinity
Beloved children missing
Swallowed in obscurity
Careless separation lasts
For eternity

Months of uncertainty
Until the truth is found
Rotting remains of your
Flesh and blood

Submerged in despair....your lifes....lifes are shattered

While their traces are ending cold
I`ll find more victims to please my urges
Violent blows to its fragile skull
Ripping teeth out viciously

Screaming morphs into gurgling
As throat fills with blood
Demonic state of amusement
Morality drowned in ecstasy

Carrying a deep neurosis
Incubation in degradation
Masculinity choked and suppressed
Decades of ordeal

A subject to mockery and sympathy
My need to compensate (demanding)
An act of self preservation

Premature defloration
As they suffer this pain so unknown to them
I rejoice in their horror
This time I'm in control

Violently..... stretching......immature..... sexual organs

I will leave them ravaged and deformed
Wailing and twitching in shock
Their bodies I have consumed
(None can see you....alive)

In terror and shame I dispose of what could betray me

Obedience in death
Elimination of possibility
Delicate bodies sliced and torn
(Pieces) dumped into the woods.....
Track Name: Engulfed In Excruciation
Destitute and unwanted
Departing from asylum
Lost souls collected to be
Used for the industry

Violent sex, treated like a piece of meat
Gagged while beaten, tape keeps rolling
Painful price to pay to stay of the streets
Morbid career initiated

Explicit Cinematography addiction
Desperate for murder
(The affluent finance) acts of the sick

Countless victims vanishing
Slaughtered in blue light
Profit from atrocity

Lacerations inflicted intentionally
Shaping the victims to perfect design
Acidic corrosions allover the body
Aesthetic preparations upon demand

Laying limbless, crippled and writhing
Mouth fixed open, jawbone shattered
Carcass previously slaughtered
Hung and emptied over your face
Tasting the putridity
Stimulates vomiting reflex
Repeated cycle of regurgitation
Til asphyxiation ends your life

Definite authenticity
So glad to see tears in their eyes
Virtuosity of cruelty unseen before
Satisfied customers craving more

Awaking, drugged bound and gagged
Strapped onto the table
Mutilated with the hacksaw
Narcotic unstable

Yet the dosage kept high enough
Preventing the victims to pass out
Engulfed, your forced to watch
Vast portions of your flesh slowly being stripped

Of death
Will continue
(While) tape keeps rolling
Track Name: Lurid Assimilation
Moments of unspeakable suffering affecting my sanity
Yielding to my destiny, deeply immersed in the slaughter
Surrounded by the stench, severed limbs and intestines
Decorate my existence

Dehumanized by the frenzy
Unleashing hidden instincts
A discovery in the Ruins (paralyzing me)
Enchanted by the sight of horror

Rotted- and hideously impaled
Infant- frenzy of war creating a
Symbol- of definite triumph and averse
Degradation- Human trophy (removed from its tormented posture, hidden from comrades and lovingly preserved)

(Approaching my home, the color of innocence embellishes my appearance; welcome as the archetype of a model citizen)

Proudly offering the present of presents
Wonder turns into shock
Facial expressions suddenly alter

As the gift is unveiled
Your family screaming, wailing
No escaping terror
Punishment for their ingratitude will be fatal....
Track Name: Stoned Then Defiled
Victim Beaten Torn And Raped.
Unwanted Intercourse Decides Her Fate.
The Attacker Does Escape.
Cast The First Stone.
Ancient Religious Laws Undercifully Executed Sordid Human Being Deserves The Decimation.
Buried Into The Ground Right To Your Little Head Several Blunt Objects Bein Landing On Your Cranium.
Gruesome Metamorphosis Of Your Facial Structure A Deformed Stump Remains of What Used To Be Your Head.
The Mob's List Satisfied - Left Alone.
Hours Of Bleeding - Now Deceased.
Demented Nightly Visitors - Take Their Chance.
Toothless Mouth Dripping WIth Ejaculate.
Victim Beaten Torn And Raped.
Misogynous Laws Decides Her Fate.
Track Name: Hideously Disembodied
Ability of Free Thought Destroyed in Early Infancy Inbred Ancient Sickness Falling On THeir Knees To The Shapeless Manipulating Images of Grotesque Environment.
Victim Forced Into Abnormal Forms of Castigation Unholy Rituals Of Catholicism Demented Deeds of Superstition.
Body Reacts In Severe Twisted Ways As The Consequence Of Unreasonable Strain Victim Twiching And Trembling in Uncontrollable Fits.
Dogmatic Decision Spitting In The Face of Sanity Spiritual COnfinement Leading Her Into Calamity.
Her Cover Strangled The Bleeding Crippled Countenance Becoming Suffocated.
Exorcised To Death Maltreated by Men Of The Church Induced Belief Drives Them To Ignore Symptoms Of Epilepsy.
Being Scorched By The Words of Christ Demon Defies Getting Hideously Disembodied Shattered Theeth Broken Gace Half Dead Body Severe Strangulation Total Malnutrition Soon To Become Expiatory Sacrifice.
Marks Of Holy Desecration Sold As The Work Of The Demons Ravaged Empty Shell Remains As The Broken Body Of Christ.
Withdrawn From Individuality/Free Will The Victim's Demise is Set Soul Leaves The Body Along With The Imaginary Instruder.
Track Name: Artifacts Of Desolation
Science Our Subject Penetrating Spheres of The Ultra Complex Genius Minds Handed Over To Those Leading Hands.
Demonic Greed Defeating All Morality Severe Conflicts Peaceful Solutions Long Buried Animalistic Insticts Take Over Humanity Shows Its Face.
Glittering Lights Of Decimation Woman And Children Awaiting The Sickness From Above.
From The Safety I return To Find Pure Infamy Heading Tortured Screams Out Of The Ruins Once My Home.
This Apparition So Real A Charred Indefinable Creature Creeping To Me Begging For Help Before Collapsing Into Its Demise Dying Before my Eyes Fascination of Desctruction Killing Capacity Tested Slaughtered For Manifest Destiny.
People Disintegrated Their Shades Remain On The Concrete.
Infant Body Filled WIth Splinters Of Glass.
Punishment For Survival The Living Eternally Traumatized Remembering Their Loved Ones In Suffering Endlessly.